Venture POP

By: Lani Maheu

Calling all creatives!!! Learn, explore, meet people just like you.



Looking for a way to make connections within your community and learn how to expand your business? Just go ahead and put Venture Pop on your calendar right now! Venture Pop is a 2-day conference coming soon to New Orleans that is geared towards designers, artists, freelancers, writers, and creative thinkers that are willing to grow their business.  Take your business to the next level and come listen to some inspiring stories by the successful speakers that are on the top-notch lineup.

Among the speakers that we'll see at the conference there is definitely something for everyone. On the list: Tara Gentile, Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon, Wesley Verhoeve, Puno Dostres, Jesse LaBauve and David Jones II, Shenee Howard, and Sarah Morgan. From these speakers some of our favorite creative new businesses were born: Quiet Power Strategy, Being Boss Podcast, @madewithmap and @ilovecreatives, Pioneer Collective, and many more. 

Having a small business can be stressful and frustrating at times. Join us and find out how these guys worked through the hard times and came out on top.  Venture Pop conference is on Saturday September 17th and Sunday September 18th, 2016.  For more information about Venture Pop check out their website:

And! p.s. head over to our instagram page this week, we'll be giving away tickets.