Southern Design Week Showcases Regional Designers

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SCFD alumni designer Anne Cassidy explains, there’s something uniquely New Orleans built into C.Major’s DNA— the uninhibited self-expression, the free-flowing exchange of creative ideas, the inimitable energy of the city. We caught up with Anne to delve deeper into her creative process as well as gain some insight into the inspirational power that New Orleans has to offer up-and-coming creatives.


By Summer Suleiman, NolaVie

New York, LA, Miami, New Orleans -- we all have our local designers.

Fashionista finds unique style in New Orleans

By Chris Bynum, New Orleans Advocate

When Andi Eaton moved to New Orleans six years ago, fashion was not foremost in her mind. She had no idea she would organize the city’s first official fashion week or start her own clothing line, much less write a book about the Big Easy’s unique sartorial style.

T-Ray the Violinist at Southern Design Week

By Chip Kennedy, Vimeo

Southern Designer Week feat T-Ray the Violinist at Cathedral Creative Studios

Here's What: Southern Design Week

By Hit Press Play

New Orleans has become a playground in the south for Hollywood's hottest and most fashionable. With its creative comeback, the city is host to The South's premier fashion event, Southern Design Week.

Southern Design Week: Meet designer Noël Martin

By Brandi Simmons, 225 Magazine

If you’ve never been to SDW, get there now. As in, take off work and get in the car now. NOLA-born Brooklyn resident Noël Martin is just one of the many designers showing this week.

Southern Design Week

By Robyn Lua, DIG Magazine

The next big step for fashion in the South.

Style: November 2014

By Aime'e Gowland

Change is Good. With a desire to create something different, distinct and authentic, Andi Eaton, former NOLA Fashion Council partner, has launched the Southern Coalition of Fashion + Design.

November Style: Trendsetters

By Lindsey Hartman, 225 Magazine

For fashion-forward events this fall—like Southern Design Fashion Week—here’s how to look the part.

Chic Tweak

By Nola Defender

Fashion Fete Reboots and Returns for a Week of Shows & Seminars

Getting to Know Leonela Guzman of SCFD

By Ashley Monaghan, Go Invade

As Communications Director for the Southern Coalition of Fashion and Design, we interviewed Guzman on fashion, personal style, and politics.

The Prints and the Proper

By New Orleans Tidbits

In the performance world, a triple threat would be singer, dancer, actor. In a materials world, it's local lovely Courtney Marse.

Southern Design Week 2014

By Arthur Vandelay

The South’s premier fashion event, Southern Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2015 runs from November 3-9. Expanding out from New Orleans, founder Andi Eaton kicks off a new project to highlight the work of Southern-based designers and those influenced by the South.

Southern Design Week S/S '15

By SHERCOLE, Good Nola

Recently rebranded Southern Coalition of Fashion and Design (SCFD) is hosting the first biannual Southern Design Week featuring an array of industry-oriented events.

Southern Designers Thrive at Local Fashion Weeks

By Andi Eaton

September isn’t just football season; it’s also fashion season.


By Kimberly Henken

FBA360 got the chance to chat with Leonela Guzman, Communications Director for Southern Coalition of Fashion and Design about their upcoming Southern Design Week and future projects.

NOLA Fashion Week changes its name to Southern Design Week

By Doug MacCash

In recent years, Crescent City fashion fans have had two competing events to keep track of, NOLA Fashion Week and Fashion Week New Orleans.

Southern Design Week replaces NOLA Fashion Week

By Missy Wilkinson

After three years and seven seasons, New Orleans Fashion Week (NOLAFW) has ended its run. It is replaced by Southern Design Week.

Southern Coalition Of Fashion & Design Announces SS 2015 Southern Design Week


As we reach closer into the reveals of Spring/Summer 2015 collections the Southern Coalition of Fashion and Design is launching a new name and brand, Southern Design Week.

Southern Design Week to Debut November 3-9

By Michelle Preau

Regional fashion weeks have become fashionable, popping up everywhere across the country. Southern Coalition of Fashion and Design (SCFD) is launching a newly branded event, “Southern Design Week.”

NOLA Fashion Week Founder Andi Eaton to Publish New Book ‘New Orleans Style’

By Susan Ross

NOLA Fashion Week founder and Scene contributor Andi Eaton has just finished a new book. Entitled New Orleans Style, the fashion tome from the New Orleans-based fashion writer and designer will hit bookstores this October.

Spring forward

By Jeff Roedel

Known for debuting fresh looks from some of the most talented southern designers—and several with ties to Baton Rouge and New Orleans, like herself— Hazel & Florange designer and entrepreneur Andi Eaton (one of our 2013 People to Watch) is leading a new style event this fall.