The Southern Coalition of Fashion & Design (SCFD) is a platform to showcase and nurture current tastemakers and pioneers in contemporary fashion, art and design.

Rebranded in 2016 to breathe new life into the fashion, art and design industries, SCFD helps designers to gain exposure in the fashion industry at little to no cost, as well as offering incubator programs and membership opportunities to those affiliated with these communities. 

SCFD offers their artists various opportunity and promotion through its media channels, editorial features and interviews, newsletters, social media platforms, projects and partnerships. 

Andi Eaton spearheads the brand as its founder and creative director. She started the organization in  2014 as a networking and resource organization for those in the fashion and design community of the South, soon expanding to the national market open to any and all game changers in the fashion, art and design community.

 Welcome to the Southern Coalition of Fashion & Design.